22 November, 2010

How To Destroy Angels - "How To Destroy Angels" E.P.

For the uninitiated or those that have completely given up having an interest in the comings and goings of Trent Reznor - this is a new band built around his wife, Mariqueen as a vocalist. The band is rounded out (no pun intended) by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Rob Sheridan. In a world where I never heard of Nine Inch Nails; or perhaps a world where I wished Trent was a woman - this would be a breathtaking, captivating introduction to the band. Sadly though, I'm all too familiar with NIN and the countless drones that wished to be them. I forgave Christian industrial-rock band, Deitiphobia for their borrowing from "Pretty Hate Machine"; I also really wanted to be in love with Android Lust - because this was essentially the first incarnation of Nine Inch Nails with a female vocalist - but it fell flat..  continues to fall flat, but the point is - I keep giving it another try. How To Destroy Angels hasn't found a formula on this release that is anymore intoxicating than Android Lust - so it too falls quite flat. Is it fair to measure an album or a band up to Nine Inch Nails or "Pretty Hate Machine", probably not. But I guess if you are going to follow a familiar path and the only seeming difference are lyrics and vocals - then you are asking for a comparison. If they came out of the gate as a Weezer-esque pop-punk band - I'd probably like it even less but I wouldn't be going on about NIN or phenomenal albums such as "PHM". So, relegate yourself to checking out the songs on YouTube or useful t-sites and spend your money on the re-release/remaster of "Pretty Hate Machine". Finally back in the loving hands of Trent Reznor!

21 November, 2010

Shannon Wright - "Secret Blood"

This is the second album from Shannon Wright to be released in European markets prior to a release in The States. However, that is really the only similarity between "Secret Blood" and it's predecessor, "Honeybee Girls". This album takes on much darker tones, and if this were a medicine - it would be a powerful antipsychotic with those periods between doses where the madness creeps back in. "Secret Blood" does not provide the same calm water, frivolity of "Honeybee Girls". In contrast, you are welcomed in to someone singing to you from out of their own body - abandonment, desolation, and loss paint the tone lyrically and in vocal delivery. It is a recollection to my introduction to Shannon Wright, "Flightsafety"/"Maps Of Tacit" - when emotively - she reached thru the speakers and tore your heart out. The difference here, the music doesn't reach that same aggression, the exception being "Fractured" - where she delivers an angst-driven, indie-rock powerhouse. I don't know that I'd recommend shelling out the $20+ for this import - unless like me, Shannon Wright does no wrong in your eyes/ears. If you are me then go for it, I ordered it directly from her European Distributor/Label, Vicious Circle.