01 February, 2015

Haloes Curios - HC08 - Zola Jesus, Le Poisson Rouge 191011


In honor of the Zola Jesus performance tonight in New Orleans, I threw together a small gift for someone who happens to be at the show. This New York City performance from 2011 was presented by NPR (see link below). It's a strong show and ushers back memories of when I saw Zola Jesus in Orlando a few years ago. An audio download was made available, so if you miss out on the parcel, you can make your own.

This is the first HALOESCURIOS since Halloween. Time simply got away from me, but it's certainly been on my mind. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the disc and if you were at the show tonight, had as much fun as I am anticipating having.

NPR Video of Le Poisson Rouge with Audio Download