24 August, 2014

HC02 - Mister Terry

HC02 - Mister Terry

Congratulations on finding the second item in this treasure hunt I've created. So, let me give you a little background on this item:

This was a project I embarked upon several months ago, the idea was to sift thru a decade's worth of material shared with me by my closest friend, Shawn Terry, and compile that into a retrospective to share with him on his birthday. Hours of audio, and nearly an hour of video material were digitized, cleaned-up and the only thing I had left to do was create some packaging to accompany the collection. Unfortunately, as that process began, events unfolded that suggested, to complete the project would be unheeded at this time. So, a generic cover was made and I decided to put this out in the world because it does present a musician and artist of such great talent and diversity, that it's almost criminal to lock it away. I hope this finds a good, music-loving home among people who love to share.

Enclosed on the disc are various bands that San Antonio-based, Shawn Terry has been involved with prior to and during our friendship. First is Berlin Black. Very little material exists from this deathrock ensemble, but it's clear that they had rehearsed and begun to perfect their influences. The time between Berlin Black and the next project I was exposed to, Veronica's Veil is a grey area for me - but in that time span it's evident that Shawn had explored a lot of new material. VV touches upon elements of The Cure, Pixies, some deathrock, and some fringes of metal. Though the band was on the cusp of expanding their reach, only one track emerged officially before the band became defunct. Please note, that if you scour the web looking for more material from Veronica's Veil, you are likely only to find a band of the same name that emerged a few years after, and musically they are on a much less impressive plane of existence. In the years following, Shawn performed and recorded with Hammered (featuring Suzy Bravo), and The Mechanical Walking Robot Boy. Each new partnership garnered different interests throughout the music scene, but it was the work of Guilty Strangers that spread across the U.S. and Europe that ushered the praise of music lovers and critics alike. The band were stalwarts of the San Antonio scene and opened for national acts including Christian Death and Peter Murphy. Shawn's creativity and talents weren't only bound within Guilty Strangers, collaborative efforts with Madame B and a stunning demo session featuring Heidi Buchhorn on vocals resulted in some of the most stunning and strong material to date; it also further illustrated the diverse musical background from which Shawn's mind operates. Rounding out the collection are the solo efforts that Shawn dubbed, Green Building, an ambient, guitar-driven recording, and Dusklands - an effort that channels Shawn's inner Sisters Of Mercy and Mission.

You are unlikely to find a more eclectic mix than is what's presented on this disc, though I do hope you find something you enjoy; something you wish to share; and possible something you will want to seek out more of.

22 August, 2014

HC01 - Haloe's Curios


Congratulations on finding the first hidden item from Haloe's Curios. Enclosed is a reproduced letter that was meant to further a story line I had developed for a trio of Halloween boxes that went out to my friends last year. Each box contained a fragment of the story, and each recipient received correspondence from one of the characters in this developed story line. Anyway, this particular item was not used. The reprinted photo is that of Miss Mataja to lure in her lover Severin. Miss Mataja will lead you to much in unraveling many puzzles behind the creator of this project, as well as her ties to so many remarkable figures through history.

The final musical piece of this gift is from Guilty Strangers.Sadly, it may be the final release of this San Antonio-based band that made quite an impact on the deathrock, goth rock scene over the past 5 years. Though often compared musically and vocally to Lydia Lunch, the no-wave aspect is but one facet of Guilty Strangers. One can easily cite a dozen influences on their sound, but the blending from the decades of their idols is a creation that stands completely unique and powerful. Much of their material is available thru: Bandcamp, so check them out. They may be gone, but they shall not be lost, at least if I have anything to do with it.

A new, little game of hide & seek.

I've decided that what the world needs now are lovely little surprises. So, the game will work as such:

1. I will create a small little bundle of joy. It might be a small parcel (that hopefully won't require further investigation by a bomb squad one day). This might be a duplicate of some piece of music I own; this might be a bootleg concert cd-r or dvd-r; this might be art; this might be meaningful; and it might be received as utter crap. I've always loved the idea of leaving gems for others to find, so I hope this catches on. So, again, the item(s) will be created and assigned a number. For example: below is HC01 - the first item Hannah and I will be hiding. Generally - the contents will not be photographed, my wish is that people will photograph and share the contents they've found here or on Instagram using hashtags.

2. The clues to the whereabouts of the hidden items will be announced here: Haloe's Curios at Instagram

3. The retrieved item will provide the web address or the name of this blog, to which the recipient of the gift can go to and find more details about what they've discovered.

4. Hopefully they will become a follower and I can start a little trend of treasure seekers. If I'm lucky, these items will fall into the hands of individuals that appreciate the find for what it is - a hidden treasure, whether the contents are something they would typically seek out for themselves or not. If they are like me - they will hang on to the item forever exactly as they found it. Hopefully they will photograph their finds.

So, that's it. I'm hoping this catches on.... so let's get started. Hannah and I will be hiding the first items tomorrow.