30 September, 2014

Haloe's Curios - HC04 - Time For A Bavarian Death Waltz


There's not a lot of hunting or luck that was needed in finding this item. I fully intended to hide it with The Civic Theatre to be found by some random Afghan Whigs fan. However, I left it in the car, and once I had passed security, there was no going back to retrieve it. I was relegated to do what I could to ensure it made it into another fan's hands - so it was left lovingly underneath the windshield wipers of the vehicle parked next to ours.

Enclosed was the Home Records bootleg of The Afghan Whigs entitled, "Time For A Bavarian Death Waltz", recorded at The Paradise Club, in Boston on 5 April 1994. Not a stellar recording as far as quality goes, but unique to the performance were some stunning covers of The Supremes, Prince, and New Order. It's the only bootleg recording I have of The Afghan Whigs, so I thought this would be the proper moment to share it with another fan. Now, if they happened to purchase the performance from London offered at the merch booth, than they probably weren't all that impressed. But I hope they enjoyed it anyway...

13 September, 2014

Haloe's Curios - HC03

Congrats on finding HC03. Little Daggers - Undug. I wanted to put this item out in the world as a thank you and as a promotional item for this phenomenal band. I've collected over the years, everything I could get my hands on. My initial exposure to them happened in Orlando, Florida at a tiny venue named, WigglyWorld Records. The experience was so amazing, that I saw them at every opportunity. They've exploded in the European music scene, and I've done everything I can to spread the word in The States, Critical darlings of the Miami press, and anyone lucky enough to have caught their performances. Please check them out and purchase their new release on Song By Toad Records.

Lil Daggers Official Site:Lil Daggers