07 November, 2014

Haloes Curios - HC06 and HC07 - Haloeween V.5 and V.6

Distributed on Halloween, in a rush. The items respectively contain: Haloeween, Volume 5 and Haloeween, Volume 6. Each release were created for Halloween 2013 and distributed to friends and family. Not sure which package went where, but I decided to hit two locations I've missed thus far; Frenchman and Bywater. Traffic dictated where the Frenchman package was placed, and adoration for Euclid Records determined the other drop. Both of the discs contain some of my favorite Haloeween selections so far, and as a whole, these two volumes comprise my favorites among the series. I hope the individuals that found these packages found some tracks they enjoyed and most importantly, had a very Happy Halloween!

Haloes Curios - HC05 - Haloeween V.7


Congrats on finding this item. The first, and to date, the only item stashed outside of the Greater New Orleans area. Left in my favorite destination in Rochester, Lux. Had an awesome night with friends and their friends, and it was sad that the night had to end. During my time in Lux, the item had been touched, moved, opened but confusingly, not taken. So, the item was retrieved and stashed on a vehicle parked just outside the door. Hopefully it was found rather quickly, before travel?

Inside, was Haloeween, Volume 7. Haloeween is an annual effort of mine to create a unique collection of Halloween-inspired tunes to share with friends around the country. Volume 7 was this years installment. There was a handful of tracks that I love on this years' collection, but the one that lodged itself in my cerebellum was by The Hives. Anyway, I hope you found some tracks you enjoyed and shared the find with friends. And most of all, I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!