26 June, 2016

Link TV

The family decided we were done with our cable television provider for a variety of reasons. Our first choice was U-Verse, but some shady dealings by our former mayor, who happened to be a member of the board on the same cable provider we've been using prevented any competition in providing cable television services for a period of 99 years. So, the loophole in that law was satellite providers - so DirectTV it is. This means for me, I once again have access to LinkTV and it's amazing World Music programming. A lot of the artists I discovered can no longer be found online - their videos only live in my memory.So, in honor of that return - here's my top 10 discoveries from this ground-breaking program.

10: Kamini: Marly Gomont
A French Rapper that originates from rural France. This video went viral before there was such a thing.

9. Yothu Yindi: Ghost Spirits
Aboriginal artist that caught the attention of Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode). He produced and mixed this track.

8. Sultana - Kusu Kalkmaz
Provocative Turkish rapper Sultana churns out political rhymes.

7. Molotov: Here We Kum
Mexican rap/hardcore/thrash outfit Molotov that snagged their share of Grammys, including alum of the year. Spanglish lyrics that run political to satire to misogynistic 

6. Die Antwoord: Enter The Ninja
South Afrikaan artist Die Antwoord started out as a skit on a comedy show on South African television. But demand for more resulted in an E.P. that exploded out of South Africa and into European Markets and the rest is history.

5. Lila Downs: Perro Negro
No official video exists for this track, but the widely popular track that featured Cafe Tacuba's vocalist inspired many fan videos, but none so popular as this one that became the unofficial offical video.

4. Balkan Beat Box: Move It
High energy and infectious rhythms, Balkan Beat Box became the darlings of the international music scene in the early 2000s.

3. Dengue Fever: Seeing Hands
Dengue Fever hails from Cambodia, but their social-political lyrics made waves across the world. They drew the ire of their own government and fled on a world tour that garnered so much attention that it forced the hand of the Cambodian regime to reconsider the prosecution on the band.

2. Emir Kusturica & The No-Smoking Orchestra: Unza Unza Time
Known for his acting chops and film scores, Emir Kusturica also offers up traditional Balkan music infused with gypsy and punk rhythms. Satire and tongue-in-cheek humor flavor this video which I promise will delight.

1. Cafe Tacuba: Dejate Caer
Also hailing from Mexico, Cafe Tacuba blend pop and alternative rock to create infectious tracks. Hugely popular South of the Border, they have also established themselves as tour favorites in The States.

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