22 December, 2010

Normal ... Now?

We just put our guest on a plane home. The visit did not come without it's share of surprises, challenges, and thinning lines of acceptibility. Your heart bleeds for someone that is struggling with emotions that you can relate to vehemently, you want to comfort that person. What you can't do is take them away from that reality. What happens is that reality is thrust upon you in their weakened states seeking support. In what is already a household that is seeking space - letting go of that need for room takes super human powers. But if you eliminate those diffcult, awkward episodes - you are left with a wonderful visit. The good did far outweigh the weird - I hope the problems are sorted out and an emotionally healthier path is found in the new year. I want to find my friend a year from now with a smile in his heart and add some brilliance to the b & w portrait we've begun.

16 December, 2010


Is that even spelled correctly?

A lot of people accuse me of being nice to a fault. It's that point where people take advantage of your kindness. I guess people wonder why I am that way, and usually I don't have a very good answer. Maybe it's because so few people can just be nice without ulterior motives? I'm cynical when someone does show me heartfeltt sincerity because my experience has been that believing in it leads to a very different type of feeling in the heart.