10 September, 2015

Swagbucks - Day Two

Day 2 unfolded as I anticipated, what I did not however foresee was being waylaid by my car not starting, It meant a day at home, and therefore a day of digging into SwagBucks. I repeated all of yesterdays tasks, however today, what I encountered was a bit different.

I installed that SwagButton into my Chrome browser, and it put a bar along the top of my internet window. It wasn't obtrusive, and it didn't seem to hijack anything I was doing, but I did feel like it was perhaps causing an issue. Whereas yesterday, before the SwagButton, I would sometimes be rewarded with SwagBucks (SB), today whenever I was rewarded with SB, the redemption code wouldn't show up and I'd lose the reward. Pretty annoying even though we are only talking about a handful of SB,.

The second thing I encountered was with the "Gold Surveys": I was disqualified for a much larger proportion of the surveys than yesterday. Over the 14 I attempted, I didn't qualify for 8 of them. In addition to the denial of SB, of the 8 surveys I didn't take, only 2 of them offered me a complimentary 1 SB. 

One thing new I tried today were the "Peanut Lab Surveys". I'm not really certain what differentiates these surveys from the "gold" surveys, but generally they offer a substantial amount of SB for far less time investment. Having said that, I was disqualified from all 15 attempts save 3. Two of these resulted in a reward of about 35 - 50 SB. One of the "Peanut Lab Surveys" lead me on an endless journey of survey to survey to survey with no explanation or end in sight and more importantly, no reward. Unlike the "gold" surveys, the "peanut" surveys aren't as easy to track, they don't have any identifiers or numbers to record.

I also took a shot at SwagStakes. You "spend" some of your SB for entries in a contest for some prize or another. I spent 11 SB for 3 entries into a contest to win a $2000 Amazon Gift Card. The competition was limited to 70000 entries.

After two days, my experience has been... well, redundant is how I would best describe it. I've answered the same questions several dozen times. I get that different companies are presenting these surveys, but crap. Like I said yesterday, if those repetitive questions were auto-filled, it would be a much less draining experience. 

At then end of this 24 hour period, I earned 285 SB. 

End of Day 2: 780 SB

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