14 September, 2015

Swagbucks - Day Three

In truth - it's Day 6, but car issues and needing a break from a computer, I took several days off. Today, more videos and more surveys. I didn't try anything out of the ordinary, and earned 243 SB. That included about 2-hours worth of surveys and and hour worth of videos. Much like Day 2 - over half the surveys I attempted, I was disqualified from. Out of 9 surveys, I successfully finished 4. I also found a SwagCode.

It should be mentioned that I began experiencing a screen refresh issue. Essentially, at random intervals, my laptop screen will blink off for less than a second. Pretty annoying. Whether or not that's related to SwagBucks, I can't say... just coincidentally started at the same time. I removed the browser plug-in, but the refresh issue continues.

Today, 243 SB were earned.

End of Day 3: 1023 SB

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