15 September, 2015

Swagbucks - Day Four

Today - it felt like I couldn't take a survey even if I really wanted to. I tried 12 surveys and only qualified for 4. Not very good odds for success. I once again found myself in an endless loop when trying a Peanut Labs Survey... but aside from the one instance, I found a better acceptance rate using the Peanut Labs. Even if I wasn't selected for a survey, Peanut Labs consistently provided at least 1 SB  in reward. I have found that Gold Surveys very rarely now provide a complimentary SB when disqualified.

The only outside of the norm effort I made today was taking a stab at "Tasks". This gives you a list of jobs, many of them thru an outside vendor where you rate a website, or play a game. I couldn't gain access to any of these, or I was told that user limits had been met. I will give this another shot tomorrow because I am curious.

I earned 229 SB today, for about 2.5 hours of effort.

My total after 4 Days: 1271 SB, or $12.71. I'm earning about .25 per hour. Buah ha ha!

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