10 July, 2011

Where I Am

Seems, when I think I know what to expect, or at least mentally I've set myself up for dealing with the inevitable, fate throws me a curve ball. Suddenly, the distance that I thought would help me cope with being alone must be weighed against the possibility of a promotion. I've decided one thing - if I don't for any reason take a promotion that would have me relocate to California, assuming one was offered, then I have no business staying at the job I have. It's either do something new or give up ever wanting to do something better or different, and give up being challenged by work. At my age and my income, this may be my last opportunity to progress. All the pieces seem to be falling into place as if a sign that I should go. The money is likely there; the best idea I have at a Calif. budget suggests I can survive fine; even the hiring manager will happen to be in town in the next two weeks and we can meet; and I happen to be the only candidate who will likely not only know all the payroll platforms the new position will utilize, but I also have experience working in a brand new processing center and all the hurdles we faced. I know everyone that hears me is thinking I am chasing May across the country and all of this has more to do with her than any job - to be honest - I am trying to sort all of that out myself. Why am I really open to this idea of moving to California? I won't know that answer until I have time to myself to think about it. Wherever the truth may lie - if I don't apply - I will never know if I was good enough to have this promotion... if I do - at least I can still change my mind if things progress past the initial interview. Whether or not I want to start anew is not an option, what's best for me as I go through the process is up to me. Either way I will be among friends, which does put me at ease.